Powered by Dutch Technology
The Dutch technological industry is of great economic value. The sector has a turnover of approximately € 100 billion and also offers work spaces for 400,000 people, the spin-off disregarded. The technological industry is therefore of great importance for the Dutch economy.

It is time to strengthen the industrial base in the Netherlands. A powerful national and international advocacy is necessary. Under the tag ‘Powered by Dutch Technology’, launched by FME Association, the technological industry combines forces to give those collective advocacies an extra boost.


Meanwhile three clusters are started: Agro & Food, Life Sciences & Health and Built Environment. The clusters are working on joining forces for joint advocacy, positioning of the cluster and activities to explore, edit and conquer the market.


For more information, please contact FME Association, T +31 79 353 11 00, E poweredbydutchtechnology@fme.nl.
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