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Assembly departmentVan Aarsen has become a worldwide “household name” in feed technology, both for commercial feed producers and for vertically integrated businesses. Through 65 years of experience and being exclusively involved in feed milling, Van Aarsen International has built-up a broad knowledge and wide experience in every area of the compound feed industry and has developed into one of the world’s leading companies in innovative design, construction and manufacturing of high quality feed milling equipment and installations. Thanks to their extensive experience, our engineers and technicians are always able to offer tailor-made solutions.


Complete feed mills, production lines and single machinery

With it’s engineering and project management capabilities Van Aarsen is able to carry out feasibility studies, to design and construct feed milling projects but also optimization, modernization or extension of existing installations world-wide with a great diversity of high quality innovative machinery. The big R&D department is able to continually improve and innovate in feed mill designs, feed milling processes and state of the art machinery. Hereby always taking the most important variables for feed milling into account; low operational costs, low energy consumption and easy operation.


Advanced feed milling equipment

Weighing and dosing systems, hammer mills, batch mixers, liquid mixers, hygienizers, pellet mills, counter-flow coolers, crumblers, bulk weighing robots, transport equipment, storage silos as well as feed mill automation.

Van Aarsen systems are designed and constructed to lift production and lower costs, with minimum harm to the environment and maximum benefit to food safety.

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Animal feed / compound feed | Automation systems | Bulk material handling | Cooling equipment | Materials handling | Meat & Feed | Mixers | Pelleting and extruding equipment | Processing / Production | Storage equipment | Storage technology | Tracking and tracing systems | Transportation technology | Weighing and dispensing systems

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