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About TNA NL Manufacturing B.V.

With over 60 years of experience in the food processing industry, TNA NL Manufacturing is widely known for its ability to boost capacity, improve quality and increase efficiency with its wide range of innovative food processing technology. Part of the tna group, the company specializes in the design, manufacture and servicing of high-performance processing equipment for the snacks industry, including washing, de-stoning, peeling, slicing, blanching, drying, frying, cooling and freezing equipment. TNA NL Manufacturing B.V. cutting-edge patented vacuum frying and de-fatting technology helps food manufacturers around the world to develop healthier snacks with unique consumer appeal.

About tna
tna is a leading global supplier of integrated food processing and packaging solutions with over 35 years of industry experience and 14,000 systems installed across more than 120 countries. The company provides a comprehensive range of products including materials handling, processing, cooling and freezing, coating, distribution, seasoning, weighing, packaging, inserting and labelling, metal detection, verification and end of line solutions. tna also offers a variety of production line controls integration & SCADA reporting options, project management and training. tna’s unique combination of innovative technologies, extensive project management experience and 24/7 global support ensures customers achieve faster, more reliable and flexible food products at the lowest cost of ownership.


Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Bakery | Bread, pastry and other dough and paste products | Cocoa, chocolate and confectionary | Coding and bar coding | Cooling equipment | Dairy and dairy products | Dough production equipment | Dry brushing machines | Drying equipment | Evaporators | Expertise | Filtration equipment | Fish, meat, fish and meat products, poultry, eggs | General Foods | Industrial peeling lines | Ovens | Packaging | Packaging machines | Potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit | Powders and granules of all kind for human consumption | Processing / Production | Product orientation/equipment/special machinery | Products in cartons, boxes etc | Snacks and ragouts | Sorting and grading equipment | Weighing and dispensing systems

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