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Terlet_9903_vrijstaandTerlet is a specialist when it comes to the design and production of high-quality components and turn-key systems for the preparation and packaging of (liquid) products. With more than 90 years of experience Terlet stands for a reliable and a professional partner in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry.

Terlet’s product categories are: processing vessels; scraped surface heat exchangers (Terlotherm); bag-in-box filling machines (Van Meurs); coil tanks (Maxxitherm); batch units (Culimaster); vacuum gassing installations and complete processing lines.

Apart from the supply of new machines, Terlet is also specialized in the modification, overhaul, repair and maintenance of installations. We are able to quickly and effectively react when the need arises as we have the most common parts in stock.

Since May 2010 Terlet has his own Pilot Plant (Terlet Technology Centre). This Pilot Plant is build to the requirements of today, according to modern rules of hygiene, food safety and food processing in general. Utilities, such as steam and glycol are available on such a scale that not only pilot plant scale tests can be done, but also skid mounted equipment can produce products at “real life scale”. Considering the fact that both building and equipment meet the modern food production standards, customers can produce products for internal testing on appearance, taste and shelf life.

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Automation systems | Bakery | Bulk material handling | Cocoa, chocolate and confectionary | Cooling equipment | Dairy & Liquid | Dairy and dairy products | Filling lines | Foil packaging machines | General Foods | Materials handling | Mixers | Packaging | Packaging machines | Potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit | Processing / Production | Products in cartons, boxes etc | Storage & Handling

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