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Technisch Buro Kortlever B.V. is a dynamic family company which has developed over the past three decades into one of the leading machine producers for the food industry. With our delivery programme and know-how we have become a trusted partner for many leading food processing companies.


Innovative and customer-oriented

To work in an innovative way for our customers, that is the Kortlever ethos. This is realised thanks to our skilled personnel. They assess your requirements and link these to the ideas and solutions. This way of working leads to successful and customer-satisfactory solutions. With our know-how we are able to make concrete proposals for performance improvements for your process. We design, produce and assemble all machines and equipment under one roof at our premises in Holland. This is the ideal situation to develop customer-oriented solutions.

More efficient and hygienic in your food business

We are successful in building hygienic designed processing machines and stainless steel handling equipment for the food industry.

We share and deliver our knowledge within several areas like, bread, meat, fish, snack and vegetables industries.

With our machines we contribute to these businesses in an innovative way. We make it possible for clients to work more efficiently and to replace manual labour with automated systems.

To meet the highest standards for hygiene our equipment can be cleaned 100{79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391}. This can be achieved by innovative designs and the use of state-of-the-art processing techniques. All this guarantees that our equipment meets the highest standards.

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Automation systems | Bakery | Bread, pastry and other dough and paste products | Dough dividing and forming equipment | Dough production equipment | Fish, meat, fish and meat products, poultry, eggs | General Foods | Logistics | Materials handling | Meat & Feed | Membrane technology | Mixers | Ovens | Packaging | Processing / Production | Product orientation/equipment/special machinery | Slicers/cutting lines | Snacks and ragouts | Storage & Handling | Storage equipment | Transportation technology

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