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In 1992 Peter Tanis officially started Tanis Food Tec (TFT) after having spent a decade working as a Sales Manager for Mondomix. By doing so he became a second generation entrepreneur in continuous food processing, following in both his uncle’s and father’s footsteps who had founded the Ter Braak Confectionery company.

 Peter literally started out by himself in his home office. His first big break was the order of a leading Dutch biscuit manufacturer for the aeration of wafer cream. From there on the business and his team kept growing and moved to the first premises which, by 1999, TFT had outgrown again. It was time to move to the larger industrial site where TFT is still housed today. Also in 1999 the third generation Tanis joined the company, Peter’s eldest son Kris, who soon made his mark as an expert in software and mechanical engineering and  is now heading regional headquarters in Asia.

During the first decade TFT produced hundreds of processing lines, establishing the company as one of the largest independent process equipment suppliers in the world. Through continued innovation and creative thought the range of equipment expanded, turnover quadrupled and by 2002 TFT was well established in global markets and considered the serious alternative to Mondomix. This was a stimulating position that led to a healthy competitive urge to beat the number one at the time. In 2003 the structure of the organization improved  which made it possible for  Peter to delegate some tasks and, together with the arrival of twlo companions, form the Board of Directors.

Consistent innovation became the engine behind growing success and thus led to the expansion of the product portfolio. This way a broader range of customers could be served. Aeration was always at the heart of TFT’s continuous processing equipment, but after 2003 almost every year an additional machine was engineered. It would only be marketed if it surpassed its competitors in performance and offered significant advantages for its customers. Bestselling examples are the in-line inclusions blender, the Multiple Colour-Flavour-Acid Station and most recently the turn-key Marshmallow Plant. The turnover increased as processing lines became bigger and more complete, like the cake and frozen gateaux production lines. The second decade also brought the forging of new associations with leading suppliers of complementary equipment, with TFT serving as main contractor.

The DNA of TFT
At the heart of TFT lies a solid respect for customers, employees and the broader environment, all thanks to Peter’s personal approach to business. No fuss, direct communication lines and taking pleasure in supporting others. TFT has a real family feel to it and your name does not have to be Tanis to be part of it. The team shares a profound passion for processing, that is future oriented and driven by the desire to be a dedicated partner for confectionery manufacturers and industrial bakers.

TFT now employs more than 50 people and is in pole position. The company supports the most respected brands in the food industry worldwide and helps new businesses start up production in new markets.



Dutch food equipment designer Tanis Food Tec (TFT) supplies high-quality, continuous process lines for bakery and confectionery products. Our expertise is the engineering of customised solutions for innovative product ideas. The full-automatic plants offer a range from ingredient weighing and preparation, premixing, tempering – crystallizing – plasticizing to aeration, depositing, coating, finishing and decoration. Sophisticated Cleaning in Place system integrated. All equipment is designed according to European EHEDG hygiene criteria of which group we are a member (see also below). TFT provides start-up and after-sales. Our test lab facility is available for assistance with recipes.

Our range of production lines:
• Fillings for biscuits & wafers (cream, chocolate, jam, caramel, marshmallow, nougat)
• Gateaux
• Cake (Swiss rolls, cupcakes, Jaffa cakes, and other cake-like products)
• Marshmallow (extruded & deposited)
• Aerated chocolate
• Mousse & yoghurt
• Health bars & candy bars
• Starch moulded, soft candy

Design & hygiene philosophy
TFT is a member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group. EHEDG is a consortium of equipment manufacturers, food industries, research institutes as well as public health authorities. Founded in 1989 we aim to promote hygiene during the processing and packing of food products.
From a design point of view we combine as many components as possible on transportable skids, which are already wired and piped in our production facilities. Shortening start-up time and money in the factory. No separate parts means less vulnerability and meeting food safety standards. All settings are done on one plc-screen. Ergonomic issues are a vital part of the design process. TFT and the EHEDG are committed to the highest standards of food safety and strive to improve the overall image of the industry in the eyes of the consumer.

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Bakery | Bread, pastry and other dough and paste products | Cocoa, chocolate and confectionary | Dairy & Liquid | Dairy and dairy products | Dough dividing and forming equipment | General Foods | Margarine, oils and fats | Mixers | Powders and granules of all kind for human consumption | Processing / Production | Snacks and ragouts | Sprayers and depositing lines | Weighing and dispensing systems

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