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Rademaker Bread line tray loading LRAt Rademaker, we have managed to transform bakery traditions of the past into robust, state-of-the-art industrial bakery production lines that meet and exceed customer requirements all over the world.

Rademaker is specialized in the development and supply of innovative solutions for the bakery industry. Today we are one of the front runners in the bakery industry, with a service that goes well beyond the delivery and installation of bakery production lines alone. Our professionals employ the latest engineering technology to provide customers with solutions resulting in flexible production lines and turn-key solutions. We offer 24/7 support all over the world.

The development process starts in the Rademaker Technology Centre, where production processes and recipes are tested. Rademaker is an expert in stress-free dough handling and our portfolio contains a wide range of dough processing machines. We incorporated our bread know-how into the Crusto bread line which is designed to produce all kinds of breads. High quality flatbreads and topped pizzas can be produced on our Flatbread production lines. Rademaker is the recognized leader in flexible croissant lines, guaranteeing large quantities and excellent quality. The secret of good croissant and pastry dough originates our Laminators. The Rademaker Universal make-up line is able to produce a wide range of pastry products, while our Pie line offers production solutions for pie and quiche products.

A unique combination of proven and new technology plus attention for detail, all based on customer requirements, guarantee Rademaker to be the perfect partner in the bakery industry.

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Automation systems | Bakery | Bread, pastry and other dough and paste products | Dough dividing and forming equipment | Materials handling | Processing / Production | Sprayers and depositing lines

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