Prinsen Handling Solutions BV

Agricultural & Handling Solutions
Prinsen is a family business since 1892. Our international company with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Canada is specialized in post harvest processing technique. This involves loading and scouring, sorting, weighing, packaging and palletizing of products such as potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, corn, pallets and cocoa. The products are delivered to growers and processors in both agriculture and industry.

Complete support
Our services cover the entire field of design, consultancy, financing, installation, maintenance, repair and return of equipment at the end of the period of use.

Innovative support
Princes responds to the latest technological developments, offering machines fully customized. We work with reputable manufacturers. Through years of experience and technical expertise of our staff, we can provide a product that meets your specific needs.

We are at your service
On our website you can find more information about our products and services. If you are interested please contact us.

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Agricultural mechanisation | Animal feed / compound feed | Biobased | Biobased materials | Bulk material handling | General Foods | Harvest equipment | Logistics | Materials handling | Packaging machines | Sorting and grading equipment | Storage & Handling | Transportation technology | Weighing and dispensing systems

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