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‘Getting the most out of meat’

SFK LEBLANC is a world-leading supplier of innovative and total solutions for the meat industry. We develop, manufacture and maintain high-quality slaughter lines, cutting and deboning lines and logistic solutions for cattle, pigs and sheep.

With our unique heritage, built upon the three renowned industry-leading brands SFK Systems, G.E. Leblanc and NAWI, and more than 160 years of combined experience, we are able to handle any project, from reliable and practical stand-alone equipment to complete solutions, including electrical installation and automation.

SFK LEBLANC solutions are designed to meet the most demanding standards in the world in terms of efficiency, reliability, flexibility and ergonomics.

Understanding the global meat market

SFK LEBLANC currently has six offices, in Canada, China, Denmark, The Netherlands, Russia and the United States, and a global network of agents. Through our worldwide industrial presence, in combination with our local expertise, we truly understand the markets in which we operate, including regional requirements and preferences.

Your requirements and the process take centre stage

Well-experienced and with a great deal of process knowledge, we are focused on fulfilling your requirements. Our solutions are modular lines, however we are always pleased to develop solutions that meet your specific requirements. SFK LEBLANC: getting the most out of meat.

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Coding and bar coding | Fish, meat, fish and meat products, poultry, eggs | Industrial peeling lines | Logistics | Meat & Feed | Tracking and tracing systems | Transportation technology | Weighing and dispensing systems

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