Marel Further Processing B.V.

heat treatmentMarel Further Processing concentrates on equipment for the further processing of white meat, red meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables as well as meat substitutes.

With a strong focus on end-product, we translate our thorough knowledge of food and process technology into innovative machines and systems for portioning, coating, heat treatment and sausage making. So whether the need is for large-volume production or maximum flexibility in retail or food service production, we have the system to suit every operation.

The world of food processing is constantly changing. Trends come and go, methods of preparation keep evolving. Of course every market has its requirements and expectations. A constant factor, however, is the objective to efficiently produce attractive, tasty products that are appreciated by the consumers.

That is why we offer you high quality, flexible processing systems that make use of the very latest technologies in food processing. No matter what end product you want to make, we can put together the right further processing system for you. We know the food processing industry better than anyone. The ability to produce without down-time is an absolute must as is the ability to react flexibly to changes.

Marel Further Processing  production line is a perfectly working unit built up from unique modules. With consistent end products in mind, we develop equipment for optimal production speeds at low operational costs. The result is superior modular systems for long production runs and production systems for small batches and quick changes of product.

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Fish, meat, fish and meat products, poultry, eggs | Meat & Feed | Processing / Production

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