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DSC00120Kaak Nederland is one of the leading suppliers of bakery equipment and bread production lines worldwide.

Bernard Kaak started manufacturing baking pans and trays in the small town of Terborg in the Netherlands in the late nineteenth century. This developed into a prosperous business. When increasing numbers of bakeries in Europe began automating their production units in the nineteen sixties, Kaak built the necessary conveyor plants, pan storage systems and depanners.

The big period of growth began in the nineties after Jan Kaak became the company’s head. The product range of the Kaak Nederland (formed from Kaak Food Production Systems and Kaak Bakeware) was enlarged and today comprises more than 20 different machines and plant types, and an IT subsidiary that develops its own controllers was founded. Kaak systematically bought companies that fitted into its portfolio and helped it become a full-service supplier of bakery lines: in 1991 Benier, a Dutch manufacturer of dough dividers and dough make-up plants, in 1997 the German thermo-oil oven manufacturer Daub, in 2005 the Italian oven and plant constructor MCS, which dominated the pizza business, and in 2007 Lhotellier R2A in France, a company that coats pans and trays, among other things, with Teflon (Kaak Bakeware already made silicone coatings) as well as Multiparts for the area of mechanical engineering, conveyor technology. Finally in 2009 Kaak founded DrieM, a business that complements Benier and manufactures dough make-up systems, focusing on dough sheeting plants. Group sales more than doubled in the growth years, and last year they reached EUR 125m.

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Bakery | Bread, pastry and other dough and paste products | Dough dividing and forming equipment | Dough production equipment | Transportation technology

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