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For the past 80 years Jonge Poerink Conveyors has been building its business around customers’ needs. Manufacturers (of food) need reliable conveyors with high capacity and maximum hygiene. At the state-of-the-art Jonge Poerink Conveyors production plant in Borne (the Netherlands) we create conveyors that will improve your yield, reduce your costs and help your business to grow.

80 years of experience

Jonge Poerink has a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of curves and conveyors. For 80 years Jonge Poerink has distinguished itself in the market by providing the right curve conveyor for every application. With its knowledge of the processes and needs of the food processing industry Jonge Poerink has made innumerable innovations over the years.

Constant improvement of its products, service and support make Jonge Poerink Conveyors one of the world’s leading conveyor companies.

Innovators of efficiency What really matters in the modern, efficient and cost-effective production line is the capacity of the conveyor. Conveyors that are not precisely integrated into a production line can reduce productivity. That is why leading food industry producers choose conveying equipment made by Jonge Poerink, the ‘Innovators of efficiency’.

Jonge Poerink Conveyors has the perfect solution to accelerate your production time, optimize use of available floor space and make production more cost-effective. At our website you will find the right conveyors for your business.

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Dairy & Liquid | General Foods | Materials handling | Packaging

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