foodlife develops innovative machinery and processing solutions  with our design and manufacturing philosophy which are: quality improvement /cost reduction (time / resource saving and reduction of changeover times), efficiency,  durability and sustainability all incorporated in a  hygiene and ergonomics design which are designed and made in Holland.

foodlife was formed by the JFPT group. JFPT.B.V.  is the full service business partner for food processing companies and operates mainly in the fruit and vegetable sector.Our customer base is wide: from retailers to large fresh cut  and food industry companies. JFPT B.V. provides them with a total solution with the following products and services:

  • Machines foodlife machinery            (Technology)
  • Advice and process design                  (Processes)
  • Maintenance repair & overhaul         (Services)

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Agricultural mechanisation | General Foods | Harvest equipment | Potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit | Processing / Production | Storage & Handling | Transportation technology

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E: info@foodlifte.nl
I: http://www.jfpt.nl