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Innclose has its roots in the food industry for over 40 years. For all kind of food equipment we design and install the enclosures. The main purpose is to design an enclosure with the best possible insulating properties, so that the end-user can save processing costs and energy. Our enclosures are used for cooling, freezing, drying, blanching and cooking lines, for all kinds of food products.

Over the last years we have developed an unique system with complete welded enclosures. All seams of the stainless steel enclosure are welded and no silicon or mastic material can enter into the food product. Via defect silicon joints bacterial, fungal and dirt can easily enter the product. The welded enclosures of Innclose prevents expensive recalls and stand-still on the food processing line.


                                                  Fully welded enclosure for a cooling line.

Another specialism of Innclose are noise reduction solutions we design and install in hygienic areas in the food industry. Noise reduction in wet and/or hygienic areas is extremely difficult. The Innclose noise insulating walls, ceilings and special baffles, which are also hygienic, can be cleaned at high pressure. We have installed hygienic noise reduction solutions at different high care sites in the food industry.

Our solutions:

  • Enclosures for cooling, freezing, drying, blanching and cooking
  • Fully welded enclosures
  • Hygienic solutions for high care areas
  • Noise reduction in wet and/or hygienic areas
  • Cleanrooms
  • Specialized in food industry for over 40 years

Innclose. The casing company
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