Hak & Partners B.V.

Solutions for the food processing industry.

Hak&Partners offers services and technologies along the food processing chain.
We design and implement brandnew processes and also offer services for existing ones, for example by identifying and implementing improvements in quality, productivity and efficiency. Projects vary in size and involve a large variety of products. They can be executed and managed turnkey and under the responsibility of Hak&Partners.

The Hak&Partners services network includes partners (associated firms and joint ventures) all over the world. Our team at our headquarters and on location includes specialized project managers, designers and coordinators with varied backgrounds, all dedicated to the food processing industry. Our recommendations maintain the highest standards of objectivity and protect our clients’ interests with confidentiality.

Hak&Partners builds on more than 40 years of international experience of Mr. Jan Hak, who establshed the company in 1992.

Hak&Partners – 23 years of service since 1992

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Agricultural mechanisation | Cooling equipment | Drying equipment | General Foods | Potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit | Processing / Production

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F: +31 (0) 183 40 33 71
E: info@hak-partners.nl
I: http://www.hak-partners.nl