ELM Industrial Automation and Installation Technology

The core for an excellent production process

Efficiency and sustainability in technology are becoming increasingly important in business operations. ELM advises, designs, realizes and maintains technical machinery and aims to apply cost reduction on every possible area. Due to a high level of expertise ELM is able to install the technical projects in a quick process, by taking profitability- , sustainability- and maintenance costs into consideration. ELM is specialized in designing and building switching units, mechanical feeders, command consolers and control panels. We would like to guide our customers in the production process, from the design to realization and maintenance, in a modern, equipped work center.

ELM offers:

Light and power distributors
Instrumentation skid
Control panels (HMI panels)

Work Center
We build switching units and control panels using drawings and diagrams designed by our own engineering team or by the client himself. Our work center also offers the possibility to test the light and power distributors. In addition to new panels, you can contact us for retrofits, modifications and inspection.

Panel Construction: Proper Basics
ELM would like to be a partner in panel construction. The control panels and light and power distributors are built accordingly to the standards and specific customer and country regulations.

Advice and Design / Engineering,
We aim to invest in new or existing technical machinery and we would like to share our knowledge in existing proper designs of software, such as Autocad, Stabicad and EPLAN.

Power Management
Managing power consumption and cost reduction is becoming increasingly important. Especially when regarding rising power costs in the future. The performance of our electricity grid is becoming an even more important factor as well. By applying more electronic equipment, such as LED-lightening, frequency inverter and so on, pollution increases, causing higher voltages. This could cause issues within the power construction and therefore, failure, over pressure or disturbance of the business processes. ELM offers their knowledge and experience in this area.

Electrical Machinery,
ELM is the right place for a wide amount of electronic machinery. We are happy to assist you in equipment such as, distribution devices, machine controls, energy management and cabling or production lines and much more.

Service Maintenance,
Technical machinery also requires care after the installation, which is an important stage for the continuity of the business process. ELM installation technology performs scheduled maintenance work. For this reason, our service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist our customers in case of calamities.


Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Agricultural mechanisation | Automation systems | General Foods | Meat & Feed | Packaging | Pelleting and extruding equipment | Potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit | Powders and granules of all kind for human consumption | Product orientation/equipment/special machinery | Storage & Handling | Transportation technology | Weighing and dispensing systems

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