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Dinnissen was founded in 1948 as a machine specialist for the compound feed industry. The rapid regional growth and development of this sector continually challenged us to apply all our innovative talent and expertise. Dinnissen became a specialist in handling bulk solids and powders, and it was not long before various players from the chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuff sectors came knocking at our door in search of our specialized know-how and expertise. Over time, we have been able to broaden the scope of our activities while expanding globally into increasingly high-quality applications. As a result, Dinnissen is now a leading player famous for its expertise, products and tailor-made solutions in the world of powders, particles and granules – developed, tested and produced in-house.

1  More than 65 years of experience
Over 65 years of experience in bulk handling and solids processing for the food, feed, pharma and chemical industries.

2  Your products and/or processes tested beforehand
Your products and/or processes tested beforehand on our machines, guaranteeing optimum results.

3  In-house development and manufacturing
Our products and custom-made solutions are developed, tested, manufactured and installed by our own people, providing you the best possible assurance in terms of quality and delivery time.

4  We take care of your entire process
Product intake, transport & handling, feeding, weighing, mixing & processing, milling, sifting and packaging: your entire process chain is in good hands at Dinnissen.

5  Integrated approach for dealing with complex challenges
When dealing with complex challenges, we start by putting together a project team of our most experienced specialists. By working together as a team from day one, we can solve even the most difficult challenges.

6  Service and warranty all over the world in your vicinity
A global network of reliable dealers and agents guarantees you fast and accessible service wherever you are.

7  In-house service department
Our in-house service department helps prevent problems and resolves any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently.

Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Animal feed / compound feed | Bakery | Biobased | Bulk material handling | Filling lines | General Foods | Materials handling | Meat & Feed | Processing / Production | Sorting and grading equipment | Storage & Handling | Storage equipment | Storage technology | Weighing and dispensing systems

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