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Blueprint_1010564Since 1980 BluePrint Automation (BPA BV) in The Netherlands is the world wide leading company in case packing systems. Over three thousand case packing systems are supplied between 1980 and 2013. With the case packing systems of BPA BV, it is possible to pack the packed product horizontally and/or vertically into a case, tray or flow wrapper. Many kinds of bags can be handled, for example pillow bags, four-side sealed bags, doy packs and block bottom bags. Another specialization is loading unpacked products, like tortillas and pancakes, into a flow wrapper or thermoform machine.

BPA BV is part of the BPA Group. In 2013 the BPA Group acquired Racupack and re-named it BPA Racupack. Racupack has created a great name in the food and non-food markets as a manufacturer of wrap around and cartoning solutions.

By combining the two companies, the BPA Group has a larger area of expertise:

    • Vision-Guided Robotics: sophisticated picking of individual packed and unpacked items for loading into containers, flow wrappers or hffs machines.
    • Case and Tray Packing: innovative solutions for flexible and other tough-to-handle packages.
    • Complete Packaging Systems: turnkey solutions taking total control of the packaging line from the end of product processing till palletizing
    • Wrap Around and Cartoning solutions.

The BPA Group serves many kinds of markets, for example frozen food, snacks, pet food and bakery.


Sections, machinery and types of expertise:

Packaging | Packaging machines | Products in cartons, boxes etc

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