Aris B.V.

Aris is an independent company, specialized in the development of advanced software for system specific machine vision applications within the horticulture and food sectors. Combined, Aris employees have more than 100 years ´Machine Vision´- experience.

As from the late 80´s, Aris has produced Machine Vision Systems for the control and handling of natural products. At present, more then 350 Aris Machine Vision Systems are operational in more then 30 different applications worldwide.

Every hour Aris Machine Vision Systems inspect more than 2 million products using smart interpretation of more than 10 million images!

In order to achieve optimum performance, Aris collaborates closely with the best production line machine manufacturers, 80{79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391} of which for horticultural applications and 20{79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391} for the food sector.

For many years, Aris has enjoyed a fruitful working relationship with a wide variety of satisfied customers.

Aris is also member of Dutch Plant Phenotyping Partners (DPPP) which is a consortium of leading Dutch high-tech companies and the renowned research institute Wageningen UR with a focus on Plant Phenotyping and Horticultural Automation.

The goal of plant phenotyping is to improve crop yields and make plants more robust against disease and stress using automated devices to measure the performance of plants in its environment automatically. Food production in the upcoming decades will need to cope with a significant increase in the worldwide population. Novel genotyping technologies ‘deliver’ new varieties much quicker due to faster and less expensive DNA sequencers plus more efficient breeding cycles (both GM and ‘classical’) . These new varieties must then be grown in order to determine yield, resistance against heat/drought stress, diseases, etc. This is called phenotyping. To keep pace with the development of new varieties an increase of phenotyping capacity is required.

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