Facts & figures

Turnover of the agrofoodcomplex is about 13 billion each year. 75 {79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391} of total sales is exported. The money is earned abroad and invested in the Netherlands. Dutch economy and society benefits both directly and indirectly of this sector. The sector offers employment to 8600 people and is leading in process innovation in the food chain to challenge the worldwide demand for food security and sustainability. GMV represents 70{79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391} of the whole sector in The Netherlands and with that it is one of the most important players in the Dutch Agrofood industry.


  • Annual turnover of all GMV companies together is 2,5 billion euros
  • Sales increase of 10 {79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391} was realized by 1/3 of the member companies in 2012


  • GMV companies provide employment of more than 8600 FTE


  • 70-75 {79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391} of total sales is exported all over the world
  • Most export during the last 5 years went to:
  1. Germany
  2. China
  3. Russia
  4. USA
  5. France/ Great Britain
  • Expectations towards important countries for export for the next 5 years:
  1. Germany
  2. China
  3. USA/India
  4. Russia
  5. France/ Brazil

Position of GMV companies worldwide

In this sector, Dutch companies are world market leader. Almost all egg incubators-, egg grading-and egg packaging lines in the world are from The Netherlands. The most part of the milking robots worldwide are manufactured in the Netherlands and sold worldwide. This also applies to poultry-processing lines. Substantial part of the bread-, cheese-production lines, as well as the animal feed- and potato processing lines are from the Netherlands.

Research & Development

  • €1.250000 (5{79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391} of total turnover of the GMV companies) is investing in research and development
  • 7 {79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391} of total FTE works in R&D and innovation
  • Most important subjects:
  1. Product development: new products for existing markets and improvement of existing product lines
  2. Development of new technologies and machines
  3. Development of systems to promote sustainable production (energy saving and efficiency improvements)


  • Secretariat is located at FME Zoetermeer
  • The Netherlands Agro, Food & Technology Centres (NAFTCs) are the support and representative offices of GMV for cooperation in the food sector between The Netherlands and countries and companies abroad. NAFTCs are located in the heart of world’s rapidly growing economies. Currently, NAFTC offices are established in China (Beijing, since 2008), India (New Delhi,since 2011) and Africa (Cape Town (launched 2013). NAFTCs facilitate business development for its members.