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Welcome to our website! Let me introduce you to GMV and the Dutch food processing machinery.

Holland: food and food processing machinery

The Netherlands is one of the world’s leading countries in food processing machinery. This is the logical result of its position as the world’s second exporter of agricultural products, including processed food. Our members cover a high percentage of the total machinery production worldwide in all sectors of the industry: meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, fruit, dairy, liquid products, bakery, animal feed and packaging (not only for the food sector). Some specific examples: Dutch industry produces 80{79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391} of the world’s capacity of poultry processing machinery, and a substantial part of cheese production machinery and potato processing machinery. Also in other markets, such as bakery, red meat and cacao processing the Netherlands has systems suppliers that are leaders in their markets. Total turnover of the Dutch food processing and packaging machinery industry is approximately 2,5 billion Euros (US$ 3,23 billion). See for more information about the Dutch food systems sector our page Facts & figures.

Innovation and cooperation

World class technology can only be maintained by continuous innovation and close cooperation with the clients. The agricultural sector, the food processing sector and the suppliers of food equipment and systems in The Netherlands have traditionally cooperated intensively and exchanged much information. They are supported by a strong knowledge infrastructure and the top knowledge institutes for which The Netherlands are renowned all over the world, like Wageningen University and Research Centre.

Creating better food

Spearheads of the innovation process are hygienic design, integral design, methodic engineering and focus on sustainability. Dutch industry is determined and well equipped to remain forerunner in the biobased society. Dutch machinery helps in producing and packaging food products that meet the highest standards of food safety, in the most cost effective way. Aim of the Dutch manufacturers is facilitating food by ‘Creating better food’.

Highly qualified systems and expertise

The companies, affiliated to GMV, are highly qualified with a long experience and tradition in the production of food systems and related sectors. They are all specialised in one or more sectors of the food process industry. They construct a broad range of various machines, systems and installations for food processing and packaging and have specialised expertise and engineering. An important part (70{79a1d8301988f39a8c3c8f67223bbd83ba5671ad737bd97a5fd6a78f8aad5391}) of the production and expertise is destined for export. The products and services of GMV members find their way all over the world. The manufacturers are used to work in accordance with the wide range of international regulations and products requirements. In the domain of quality, efficiency and reliability, they belong to the best in the world!


GMV is the sector association of manufacturers of machines for food processing and packaging in The Netherlands. As the voice of the Dutch manufacturers of food systems, GMV serves as a useful tool in the promotion of companies or individual members in the sector. See more>>>

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President of GMV

Theo Bruinsma

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