About GMV

The Netherlands ranks first in the food processing industry.

GMV, the sectors contact

GMV is proud of being able to support the strong Dutch food systems industry on the global market. Practically all Dutch companies that excel in food systems and food processing expertise have united under the umbrella of GMV. The organisation has about 60 member companies, from small to large, in seven sections, which cover the whole industry: Bakery, Biobased, Dairy and Liquid, General Foods, Meat & Feed, Packaging, and Storage & Handling. They represent approximately 70 percent of the industry in The Netherlands. Thanks to this, GMV is recognized as the sector’s representative, is the sector’s contact with the government and the sector’s face on the global market. In short, GMV supports its members through knowledge, positioning and representations.

GMV is the central platform for the Dutch sector of manufacturers of food systems. Through collective activities we strengthen the position of the sector and our members in foreign markets, disseminate knowledge and stimulate innovation and networking.

GMV not only focusses on international trade and collective sales opportunities abroad (e.g. export promotion, matchmaking and exhibitions), but also on national networking, innovation programs, lobbying and by creating a platform to meet each other and to find new creative ways of cooperation.

GMV elsewhere in the world

GMV members are active all over world. GMV, as their sector association, supports them as much as possible by organising trade fairs, trade missions, seminars and other activities. In those countries were a sufficient number of Dutch system suppliers or other Dutch companies in the food chain are active or intend to become active, GMV will be happy to start a representative office. There are NAFTCs (Netherlands Agro, Food & Technology Centre) in China, India and South Africa. They are representative offices for cooperation in the food sector between The Netherlands and several countries, and supported by Dutch government and are open to all Dutch companies and organisations which are active on the agrifood market. See also export. NAFTCs facilitate business development for its members, amongst them are the GMV members.


The partners and relations of GMV consist of a vast network of companies, knowledge-institutes, NGOs and relevant governmental organisations. GMV is a member of the international sector associations FPME, COPAMA and Europama.

The Mission of GMV

The mission of the GMV is to promote the general interests of the members, as far as these relate specifically to the research and development of and trade in or the design of machines and systems for the foods and allied products industries, for human and animal consumption.

The Objectives:

  • to promote the collective commercial success of the members at home and abroad;
  • to protect and develop professional standards in machine construction for the food industry;
  • to promote the network of relationships;
  • to create and maintain a network and the relevant external parties;
  • to provide information on developments in technology, legislation and regulation;
  • to channel, distribute, select and collect information for GMV purposes;
  • to promote the transfer of information in the field of food technology.

The means which the sector organisation GMV can deploy for its members include:

  • representing the sector professionally, in general and with the public sector;
  • identifying the specialities of member companies;
  • organising of projects and meetings;
  • trade promotion;
  • appearing as a technical “authority” (e.g., for standardisation issues);
  • acting as an interlocutor for scientific institutes in the specialist area, etc.;
  • profiling the sector image;
  • training and education;
  • mediating in know-how (by way of contacts with knowledge institutes);
  • providing information;

Board and secretariat

All members are represented by the board members. Each board member also represents a specific section in the board. The secretariat is located at the FME-CWM head office in Zoetermeer, close to The Hague, the political and governmental centre of The Netherlands. For any questions, please contact the GMV team.