Board Members

All members are represented by the board members. Each board member also represents a specific section in the board.


Theo Bruinsma

Marel Stork Poultry Processing BV, President of GMV

Section General Foods

Geert van den Heiligenberg 120x120

Geert van den Heiligenberg

Langenpac BV

Section Packaging

René Smulders

René Smulders

KSE Process Technology B.V.

Sections Biobased and Meat & Feed

Lammert Prinsen 120x120

Lammert Prinsen

Prinsen BV

Sections Storage & Handling

Wouter de Heij

Wouter de Heij

Top B.V.

Sections Dairy & Liquid

Henk-Jan Snellink


Section Bakery

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